Wommack Wordsearch is the best Bible software program I have ever used. It's user friendly with volumes of information available at my fingertips. It makes my studies easy, even when I travel. And, it allows me to write my own commentary and notes on the scriptures I study. I highly recommend it to every Christian. Andrew Wommack
Vernonarmitage I have used a variety of bible software products over the years but none compares to Wordsearch. It is very user friendly and extremely adaptable to your own style of study. I like the ability it gives me to personally arrange my favorite resources for quick access. With Wordsearch on my laptop I have an impressive library of hundreds of resources at my finger tips everywhere I go. I would not do without it! Vernon Armitage
Stevegreen tn Wordsearch is my favorite computer program. I use it almost daily. It’s great to have so many resources available at my fingertips, even as I travel from city to city for concerts. Steve Green, Recording artist
Stevefronta tn This old preacher who has spent most of his life in libraries just got Wordsearch and I am absolutely astounded with this incredible and “user friendly” resource for preachers, teachers, scholars and Bible students. What a major contribution this is to the Body of Christ. This complete Biblical library will cause generations of Christians to rise up and call you blessed. I certainly do! Steve Brown, Professor of Preaching at Reformed Seminary in Orlando, an author and the Bible teacher on the syndicated Bible teaching program “Key Life.”
Scudder tn I fully endorse Wordsearch. No other product on the market today even compares to this valuable and comprehensive study tool. Dr. James A. Scudder
Robwegner tn 'I’ve used Wordsearch for years. By far, it is the software I use the most. I can’t tell you how valuable a tool it is for me, both for my personal spiritual development and preparation for teaching.' Rob Wegner, Pastor of Life Mission at Granger Community Church, Granger, IN
R warren Wordsearch is a great Bible study software program. It is simple and fast. Nothing else comes close for comparing translations quickly. Rick Warren, Author of The Purpose Driven Life
Pastorc tn “Simple yet powerful! There is no software that shows you more with less work”. Dr. Tom Cucuzza, Pastor, Northland Bible Baptist Church
Marita tn 'You need Bible software and Wordsearch is the only Bible software I recommend.' This is a power statement I make in my training conferences for speakers and writers. Marita Littauer, President, CLASS Services Inc.
Glennwagner tn Wordsearch is the perfect tool to more than meet my study needs, I’ve used other Bible Software programs, but none of them compare to the ease of use and the variety of content of Wordsearch. Whether you are a pastor, or a laymen, computer geek or computer klutz like me, you'll be amazed and helped by this powerful resource. Glenn Wagner, Author, President of FutureLead
Drwilliams tn 'Wordsearch is the best and most comprehensive of all bible software that is on the market today and the producers of this product are real Christians!' Dr. R.A. Williams Jr., Pastor, McCoy Memorial Baptist Church, Los Angeles, CA
Dave tn In producing Christian books, I need to access Bible passages from a wide variety of translations, depending on the publisher's needs and nature of the product. Wordsearch makes that easy! Wordsearch makes that easy, with just a couple of clicks. Dave Veerman, Author and Co-Owner Livingstone Corp.
Dannyl tn Wordsearch is my Bible Software program of choice! It provides a wealth of outstanding Bible study tools, complimented by a cadre of commentaries, classical and current. No pastor, evangelist, missionary, or Bible teacher or preacher should be without this 21st Century, cutting-edge ministry tool! Dr Danny Lovett, President of Tennessee Temple University and Temple Baptist Seminary
Charlesstanley tn I have used these outstanding materials for several years. They are absolutely the finest I know of for the busy preacher, pastor, teacher, church leader, or lay person. I want my In Touch staff to begin using them as a primary resource, especially Wordsearch CD-ROM. Charles Stanley, In Touch Ministries
Catt tn Wordsearch has become an invaluable tool for me. Considering that I can take an incredible library with me as I travel, it has become a resource I cannot do without. Knowing that I have so many books readily available allows me to do research in the airport, on a plane or in a hotel room. There is not a week that goes by that I do not use my Wordsearch library. I have found their staff to be gracious and helpful, and the program is as easy to use as any I have tried. Michael Catt, Senior Pastor, Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia - President, 2008 Southern Baptist Convention Pastors Conference
Brooks tn 'The resources provided in Wordsearch are valuable for every area of the life of the church. I use the resources for Bible Study, Baptist Training Union, Vacation Bible School, Sunday Church School, Church Auxiliaries, Children and Youth Meetings, Workshops, Conferences, and sermon preparation.' Dr. George T. Brooks Sr., Pastor Saint James Missionary Baptist Church, Nashville, TN