Welcome to WORDsearch Bible!

Wordsearch makes Bible study fast, easy, and fun. You are now just a few clicks away from putting a powerful, inspiring library on your computer. It includes our most powerful engine, Wordsearch 11, a $39.95 value.

Why use Wordsearch Bible software? It allows you to quickly search for Bible verses, compare Bible translations side-by-side, have multiple books open, and sync your Bible translations with your commentaries. You won't have to continuously flip through pages, and you'll be able to take your library anywhere without bringing a backpack full of books.

We want you to be able to study the Bible in the best way possible. Wordsearch LTD is a library of over 180 books just waiting to be studied. In print, these books would cost $1672.75, but you can download it for just $29.95.

If you need help getting started, we also offer free training. For more "how-to" videos, visit the Wordsearch YouTube Page