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WORDsearch makes Bible study fast, easy, and fun. You are now just a few clicks away from putting a powerful, inspiring library on your computer.

Why use WORDsearch Bible software? It allows you to quickly search for Bible verses, compare Bible translations side-by-side, have multiple books open, and sync your Bible translations with your commentaries. You won't have to continuously flip through pages, and you'll be able to take your library anywhere without bringing a backpack full of books.

If you are just getting started, WORDsearch Basic is for you. It's FREE and comes loaded with some basic Bible study tools. Plus, you'll find over 200 more free books available for download on this website. Click here for details on WORDsearch Basic »

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Whether you begin with WORDsearch Basic or WORDsearch 11, you'll be on your way to building your own Bible study library. Thousands of helpful books are available from top Christian publishers. Start building your personal library today.


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WORD search 9 Features

Superb Searching

At WORDsearch Bible, search is our middle name, so we've brought you a raft of refinements to give you less search time and more think time.

Word Variants. This feature is going to save you a lot of time and frustration in missed references:

Plurals. With plurals enabled you can search for "loaf" and find "loaves", for "mouse" and find "mice", for "fungus" and find "fungi". If you'd rather not find fungi, turn it off with a click.

Verb Forms. With verb forms enabled, you can search for 'be' and find 'was', 'is', 'were', 'been', 'am', and... you get the idea.

ANDNOT has been added to AND, OR, and NEAR to give you a full complement of Boolean operators which may be keyed or clicked into your search text.

Condensable Results View by Bible Book. Sometimes you find so much stuff, it's hard to grasp. Now our search results nest the "hits" by book of the Bible, so you can expand only the ones that interest you.

Results In Book Order or by Number of Hits. See your results in the normal book order, or with the books having the most hits at the top.

Table of Contents Filtering

In WORDsearch 8, the "filter" feature in the Resource Pane delighted many users. To find a title in your library, just start typing a few characters in the name, and you're amazed at how quickly the desired title comes into view. The character sequence doesn't even have to be at the beginning.

Filtering All Over. In WORDsearch 9, we kept that feature and then took the idea to a lot of other useful places. Now you can use the filter to select books from your library for word, topical or cross-reference searching, or to include in a Collection.

Quick Topical Search. Now here's where it gets really fun: nearly every book has a table of contents which can be opened in the book's window. Most tables of contents are like mini topical indices, even in books with no topical index. So, you can use the filter function to quickly navigate to sections that are most relevant.

Topic and Cross-Reference Improvements

WORDsearch has been a leader in offering better topical searches and cross references since the mid 90's. We see these techniques as key tools for digging insights out of your library, so we keep improving them.

Easy-to-Browse Results. In WORDsearch 9, we've refined the presentation of results in the Topic Explorer and Cross-Reference Explorer so you see a multi-level indented list like our Resource Pane, and the familiar Microsoft Windows Explorer. Different levels of the list show the topic, book title, and book location or category, like "Commentaries" or "Handbooks". Its easy to survey the results from a high level, or expand the list to drill down on an interesting find. And, It's easy to flip the list to show topic, book title, or location on top.

Consolidated Hits. In the Cross-Reference Explorer, when you find multiple references in the same article, it groups them under one line and shows the number of references in that source. The actual references appear highlighted in the article text so they're easy to find. And, the right-click functions are now available in the article text so you can immediately start a new search.

Linking and "Sync"ing

The wonderful freedom of studying in WORDsearch is the ability to follow links to other Bible verses and books so effortlessly. It's great to follow rabbit trails from one reference to another, gathering insights as you go. Trouble is, you lose your place in the key text you're studying.

Four Sync Groups. We've solved that problem in WORDsearch 9 with "Sync" Groups. Every kind of book that might be synchronized to the Bible—Bibles, Commentaries, Maps, Cross-References--has a Sync Group button, which lets you assign one of four groups. Each book in the same group Syncs with the other books in that group. If you change the position in any one window in a group, all the other group members follow along.

Follow the Leader. You can make one book in each group, the Group Driver. If you move the location of the Driver, all the others follow, but if you move the location of a book that is not the Driver, nothing else changes.

Target Window

Most of the commentaries and other resources in your library are chock full of verse references, and they're all hyperlinked. If you move your mouse over one of them it pops up a view of the verse in a "bubble". The temptation to click on that link and see the verse in its full context is just irresistible, but when you do, in prior versions of WORDsearch, all your Bibles and commentaries reset themselves to that verse.

Bullseye. The Target Window solves that problem in WORDsearch 9. Every Bible window has a red bullseye button at the top of the window. When you click that button it makes that window the Target Window, and there can only be one Target Window at a time, and it must be a Bible.

If you've designated a Target Window, every time you click on a verse reference, only the Bible in the Target Window jumps to that verse. You can put other Bibles and commentaries in the same Sync Group as the Target Window, and they'll follow along.

Thought Organizer

As you study and browse through WORDsearch you often encounter articles and verses that are exactly what you need for that sermon or lesson you're developing for 3 weeks from now. Here's the perfect way to collect those ideas as you find them in WORDsearch 9: create a file in the internal word processor set aside for that project, and toss in links from your library whenever they might suit the need. You can write in other ideas or set up a preliminary outline and fill it with thoughts and links.

Later when you come back to work on the sermon, just click on the link and the window on that article will open up to the exact spot.


Ever wish you could just flip through your favorite books and see only the sections on a particular verse or topic? Kind of like a super slide carousel? That's what our new Carousel function does for you.

Flipping. The Bible Carousel lets you make lists of your favorites Bibles and put them in the order you want. Then in any Bible window set to any verse, you click the arrow buttons at the bottom of the window and it flips to the next Bible in the Carousel. You can start from any Bible, even if it's not in the Carousel, and return to that Bible after you made the rounds. Watch our video to see this in action.

Commentaries and Dictionaries, Too. Carousels are not just for Bibles. You can also set up Carousels for verse-linked books like Commentaries or Outlines or Maps, and for Topical books like Dictionaries, Encyclopedias and Illustrations.

Library Management

Recent versions of WORDsearch loaded all your books on your hard drive at once so they could be accessed quickly. But, with the size of our library and the amount of other data users want to store, some are running short of disk space. With the Library Manager, you can remove some lesser-used books from your hard drive and free up space. When you need them again you can easily reload from DVD or high speed internet.


Color highlighting has long been a favorite way to emphasize and categorize important points in your books. It's especially good in electronic books since its easily erased and does no damage. WORDsearch lets you add highlighting to most books and Bibles in your library and even copy the highlighting to your word processor for printing.

WORDsearch 9 has enhanced highlighting in several ways. Now you can add legends to the different colors which are visible in the dropdown menu to remind you of the meanings. You can choose between traditional full bar highlighting and a simple underline style. And, in addition to being able to selectively erase highlights, you can turn them off and on for your entire library.

Toolbar & Text

The WORDsearch 9 toolbar has been revamped with icons that are 50% larger and more expressive. Also the size of text throughout the program is adjustable in a much larger range. You can choose the text size for getting the most information on your screen, for the most comfortable viewing, and for projecting directly from the program for small group meetings, or even church services.